Guest PhD Student


We are currently joined by guest PhD student Marit Engen from Lillehammer University College at Roskilde University in the Innovation in Service and Experience research group, until the 30th of May.

Marit’s research focuses on innovation processes in service organizations. The PhD project is in particular looking at frontline employees’ role and contribution in these innovation processes.

How do people engage in innovation processes? How do they act and why do they act? What could follow from these innovative actions? These are some of the questions, that Marit seeks to answer in her research within Service Innovation.

Marit has come to Roskilde University from Norway, in order to supplement her research within Service Innovation. It is the final year of the PhD, and Marit has come here to continue writing about service innovation, but also to familiarize herself with the environment here at Roskilde University.
It will not be possible to have Marit as a lecturer unfortunately, but if she becomes attached to the research environment here, then perhaps we can expect to have that possibility in the future.

The researchers within Innovation in Service and Experience here at Roskilde University wish her all the best, and look forward to seeing the research come to fruition.

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