The Research Group Innovation in Service and Experience (ISE) is located at the Department of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University. ISE conducts state-of-the art research on innovation, including organizational change processes and digitalization in services, experiences and tourism. The group carries out cutting-edge research on how service organizations (public and private) innovate or change in response to societal and business challenges.

In our research we seek to develop knowledge that helps answer major research questions such as:

  • Service innovation: What practices foster the engagement of users, employees, stakeholders, entrepreneurs and other actors in public and private service innovation?
  • Tourism: How can tourism be developed in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way?
  • Experience economy: Why are experiences a central aspect of today’s economies, what characterizes valuable experiences and how are they developed?
  • Digitalization: How does digital technology and Artificial Intelligence change services and with what consequences for service organizations and customers/citizens?

In answering such questions we investigate how the innovation approach, including entrepreneurship, can be used to understand and develop new practices in service businesses and other organizations, the society and the economy. In our research, we often collaborate closely with companies and organizations with whom we investigate and often co-develop and new innovation practices. This results in pioneering knowledge relevant for the research community as well as for practitioners.


Our research is published in leading international innovation journals as well as in sector-oriented research journals, including the internationally most renowned service and tourism journals. We also publish the results of our research in single authored books and anthologies with the most important international publishing houses to continuously develop the research agenda in new directions.

Given our close collaboration with companies and organizations, our research findings are of particular relevance to practitioners and society at large. Thus, to increase the societal impact of our research we put a strong emphasis on communicating our knowledge to practitioners and policy makers alike in public and sector oriented reports, in popular media and on seminars, as well as via direct research collaborations.


The research group is involved in a number of teaching activities covering innovation, entrepreneurship, service and experience economy topics from bachelor to Ph.D level. In addition, we also teach relevant topics such as research methods at all educational levels and provide a number of development workshops at Ph.D level. We also contribute widely to innovation and entrepreneurship courses for service, tourism and experience entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Head of the research group,  Lars Fuglsang,, tel. +45 46742165, mobile no. +45 21737164.