Visiting Professor

Antonello Zanfei

Prof. Antonello Zanfei from Urbino University, Italy will be visiting the ISE research group sponsored by Velux Foundation from the 27th of May  to the 20th of June 2014. Prof. Zanfei will give a talk entitled “The role of technology, organization and contextual factors in the development of e-Government services in Italy” in relation to ISE meeting 3rd of June 12.00 – 14.00.

For further info please contact Ada Scupola,

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Guest PhD Student


We are currently joined by guest PhD student Marit Engen from Lillehammer University College at Roskilde University in the Innovation in Service and Experience research group, until the 30th of May.

Marit’s research focuses on innovation processes in service organizations. The PhD project is in particular looking at frontline employees’ role and contribution in these innovation processes.

How do people engage in innovation processes? How do they act and why do they act? What could follow from these innovative actions? These are some of the questions, that Marit seeks to answer in her research within Service Innovation.

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