Antonello Zanfei guest lecturer at ISE

Antonello Zanfei

Professor Antonello Zanfei, University of Urbino, Italy, will be Velux Fond guest lecturer at ISE from 26.8.2013 to 8.9.2013.

Professor Zanfei does research within the field of Innovation and have for the past three years had a focus on Innovation and e-services. He held a research seminar about this at CBIT, RUC on August 28th, where he presented some results from his Eiburs-TAIPS Project on Innovation and E-services in the public sector.

For more information please contact Associate Professor Ada Scupola at

Blog generates new ideas and better image for library

Photo by gracey -

Photo by gracey –

If the blog has to be used to generate a modest, but useful number of ideas, then the blog has potential to engage users in the idea generation phase of service innovations. If the purpose is to generate a huge number of ideas or engage a huge number of users, then the answer is that probably blogs are not a good tool.

The above quote is one of the conclusions of an experiment, which was recently performed as a part of the ICE-project by associate professor Ada Scupola at Roskilde University Library (RUb). The experiment investigated the research question: “To what extent can social software such as blogs be used in academic libraries to involve users in the idea generation process of service innovations?

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