The customer isn’t always right

The fact that satisfied customers show greater loyalty, buy more often and in larger quantities, is well recognised. Customer satisfaction will lead to more sales and less marketing expenses. Yes, but it isn’t that simple.

Niels Nolsøe Grünbaum, Ph.d at Roskilde University in Denmark, argues that sometimes, the customer isn’t right, and sometimes customer satisfaction can mean fewer earnings. We look at some of reasoning behind it.

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Jon Sundbo receives International Research Award (RESER)

Professor Jon Sundbo, who heads the Innovation in service and experience institute at Roskilde University, has received the international researcher award “Lifelong achievements and contributions to service-related research.

The award is given by the international research association “European Association for Research on Services” (RESER). The award is given to researchers who have done particular outstanding and prolonged international work within research in service and service-business.

The award is given to Jon Sundbo, due to his work within service research, especially his highly cited publications and his efforts to gather international research groups.

Jon Sundbos interdisciplinary approach to service and service-business was also highlighted.

The award was handed over at the yearly RESER conference on the 12th of September in Helsinki.