GPS tracking in user-based innovation: A Northern safari park


Giraffes in a safari park. Photo:

Not much knowledge exist about the importance of users for the innovation processes in tourism companies, about how much user-based innovation is used in practice in this area or about how this best can be practically done.

In a new study, this is explored on the basis of a case study in a Northern European safari park. The case study use GPS technology to track the visitors as a part of the foundation for user based innovation. The study then explores how this kind of data more generally can be used for practical tourism innovation. Read More

NODEM: Collaborative museum design

While cooperation is generally a good thing, it is in many cases not easy. And when it comes to collaboration between museums and ICT design companies, contextual challenges indeed exist. This subject was empirically explored by our PhD fellow Anne Rørbæk who is active in the Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials (DREAM).


NODEM 2013. Photo: Samir Bhowmik

Anne Rørbæk attended the Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums (NODEM) Conference in Sweden in December 2013, where she presented a paper on the challenges that meet museums and ICT design companies when they collaborate, called “Too many cooks spoil the broth?” Read More

Lack of knowledge may affect the economic crisis


Photo: Johannes Jansson –

In these days of economic uncertainty, businesses ought to make better use of recent research into the experience economy

The sentence above opens a new article in by ISE researchers Jon Sundbo and Flemming Sørensen which takes its point of departure in the new Handbook in the Experience Economy.

Read the article at here: Experience economy brimming with potential

One major point seems to be that many have not really realized that we today in the so-called developed world live in an experience economy. And the knowledge that we do has a great potential of leading us to more beneficial ways of doing business. Read More