New professor in service innovation

Lars Fuglsang

Our ISE researcher Lars Fuglsang has now taken up the task as professor in service innovation here at the Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies (CBIT) at Roskilde University. This means a new strengthening of our research group Innovation in Service and Experience (ISE).

Lars Fuglsang has been engaged with innovation and theories of this. He has joined many Danish and international research projects and PhD programs. Especially, he has done research on innovation in service companies and on systems of service innovation – both in the public and in the private sector. Furthermore he has been among the first to do research in experience, and he has been engaged in subjects of tourism. Lars Fuglsang has edited the book “Innovation And The Creative Process – Towards Innovation with Care”, which was published at Edward Elgars publishing company in 2008. Read More

European Service Innovation Center

The European Union in 2012 supplied a European center for service innovation (ESIC). The center works with service innovation and politics of this on a regional level for two years. The center will also give inputs for the European Union’s innovation programs 2014-2020 (Horizon 2020, COSMA, SF and more).


The contract was won by a consortium of consultancy companies from European countries. Rambøll/Finland is leader of the center. From Denmark, the socioeconomic and policy consultancy Damvad is participating. Read More