The Investigating Leader – now in second printing

Last summer , ISE-researcher Jørn Kjølseth Møller and co-author Steen Hvid, censor at Business Studies, published the book The Investigating Leader (in Danish “Den Undersøgende Leder”) about methods for data collection and application in leadership and management. The book is now being used for teaching at several Danish universities, and has recently been reprinted (second printing) by the publisher Samfundslitteratur.

Den Undersøgende Leder - forside

The book provides an overview of social science methods for collection and use of data, and how these in a qualified way can be used for empirical investigations as part of being a leader or manager. It is data collection from the manager or leader’s perspective, and the book combines short accounts of theory with practical examples from different management situations. In this way, the social science methods are related to the practical leadership and management tasks, that many leaders and managers have, and which often means that they have to deal with the role as data collector and user of data in his/her own organization.

The Investigating Leader is above all thought as a book for students at master level studies which include teaching in social science methods in a management context, but also for leaders and managers, who are going to make investigations in their own organization and nearest surroundings.

Den Undersøgende Leder - Figure 1.2 - English
At ISE, we are very happy that the book is doing so well in relationship to its audience. It has been considered regarding to publish the book in English, but for the moment we settle with a Danish speaking audience.

A list of figures and tables from the book can be seen HERE (text in Danish), and the book can be bought HERE.

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