Researchers help to improve hotel services

Researchers from the research group Innovation in Service and Experience have collaborated with a hotel in the centre of Copenhagen to innovate its services. An experiment was carried out in the hotel in which employees were given new tools and applied new practices in their communication with hotel guests.

Hotel reception. Illustration © Arne9001 |

The aim of the experiment was to facilitate communication and flexibility in an otherwise traditional and rigid hotel reception service, and to integrate the traditional hotel service with the visitors’ tourism experience.

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When the customer meets the employer

A group of researchers in ISO has finished a big project about innovation in service. The project points at big unexploited potentials in employee based and employee-customer based innovation in Danish companies.

In this project, that in short is called ICE (Innovation, Customers, Employees), we have examined, to what extent the employees also is a source of innovations, which can be used by the customers.

Many employees in service companies know a lot about the customers. They meet these service users in sales scenarios and when they deliver the service.

The project show that innovation on the grounds of interaction between the empleyees and the service users already happen many places, but that it must be organized systematically, in order to yield a substantial benefit by this effort of innovation.
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