Call for papers

Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism

Call for paper abstracts – Special Issue on the Dynamics of Networks, Networking and Innovation in the Tourism industry

Guest edited by Professor Lars Fuglsang (RUC), Professor Håvard Ness (HBV), and Associate Professor Dorthe Eide (UiN).

Networks in the tourism industry, and networking between tourism actors, have in recent years seen an increase in scholarly interest (Baggio et al., 2010; Haugland et al., 2011). Networks can have varied characteristics in terms of structural properties (such as density, clustering, or centrality of individual actors) and relational properties (such as expected duration, degree of formalization, relational governance, and tie strength). Network relationships are important in the co‐producing/co‐creating tourism context, and involve strategic alliances, distribution channels and supply chains, as well as local destination networks and regional clusters. Networks have been studied as egocentric, as well as at more aggregate levels.

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Dorthe Eide visits ISE

Dorthe Eide, associate professor at The Business School at University of Nordland (Norway), is visiting ISE in April and May 2015. Dorthe Eide’s research field is innovation in tourism, and she has cooperated with Jon Sondbo and Lars Fuglsang for several years.