About ISE

Innovation in Service and Experience, in short ISE, is a research group in the Department of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University. Innovation in Services and Experience was a prioritised area in the Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies (CBIT) 2012-14.

Research area
The research area is how the innovation approach, including entrepreneurship, can be used to understand development problems in enterprises, the society and the economy. The group has a particular focus on service industries and the experience economy (including tourism, creative industries, food industries) and public-private collaboration. Innovation is a concept that can be used theoretically and empirically to understand change and development processes. The research will also focuses on the IT development as a carrier of innovation. Currently new developments in business and society emphasize service, experience, increased innovation and use of IT and new forms of organising and carrying out economic activities. Actual economic and industrial policy emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship.

Focus on:
– Service innovation
– Experience economy
– IT in services

Projects and centres
The research group aims at implementing its theoretical work by publishing in international journals and international books, often in collaboration with researchers from abroad. The empirical research is carried out in projects in collaboration with Danish firms and other actors. The group disseminates its results and cooperates with external stakeholders through centres and innovation networks. The research group is, and has always been, engaged in centres and larger research projects. More information about the centres and larger projects can bee found in the above links – where publications from the centres and projects also can be found.

International research cooperation
The group cooperates with researchers from Denmark and abroad in common projects, research networks and publications.

Cooperation includes the following:
– The international association of service researchers, RESER
– The BIT research centre at the Aalto University and VTT, Finland
– Centre for Service Innovation, Amsterdam University
– The European Centre for the Experience and Transformation Economy, Amsterdam

Collaboration with firms
The group collaborates through the centres and projects with firms, trade associations, unions, public administrations and change agencies. We have collaborated with: Damvad, NewInsight, Nordisk Film, Nykredit, TrygVesta, Rambøl, Skat, PostDanmark, Hotel Alexandra, Danske Bank, Lammefjordens Grøntsagslaug, Crown Foods, Roskilde Erhvervsforum, Megaflex, Knuthenborg, the Roskilde Festival, Technological Institute.

Leader of the research group,  Lars Fuglsang, fuglsang@ruc.dk, tel. 46742165, mobile no. 21737164.

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